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Funny Computer Language

As an older person who has just been introduced to the computer world, you will have to learn a whole new language of fun words related to this new phase of your life … words that have a very different meaning from what you normally think. In addition, you will find strange new words such as “bits, bytes, megabytes, megahertz”, etc., but you may not have to worry about all of them.

When working on a computer program, you can use a “mouse” that is not four-legged, but a device with a hard rubber ball on the bottom (or even a light) that can move a ” cursor (a pointer, that is to say that does not use vulgar language) on the “monitor” (not a teacher who monitors you during a test, but a TV tube or a flat screen of our days) of the computer that shows you what you type or draw You move the mouse with your hand (or your finger if you are using a laptop computer (laptop)) and click the pointer (attach it) to an object specific for the processor (processing unit of the computer) to act.

Other computer-specific terms are: CD-ROMs, disks, hard and optical drives, desktops, laptops, notebooks, spreadsheets, motherboards, motherboards, Pentium families, laser jetjet printers bubble ink. ” There are also DOS and Windows 95 or XP versions to add to the new vocabulary … and new ones every time you look around.

Right now, you have to “surf the Net” (it’s the global Internet, and you do not use a surfboard to do that) … it’s a collection of interesting facts, from commercial and social relations, sources of information (such as this website and not connected to a spider if you wish) which you can access via a “modem” (computer connections via a telephone and an online service that you must pay) at “baud rates (including broadband” speeds which is the fastest at the moment and will probably change in the future!).

To repair a computer in case of failure (blocking or blocking), it may be necessary to call or see a “computer scientist” (equipment) or a “programmer”.

“Hard copy” is exactly what it means: however, with computers, it means “printing” on a piece of paper from a “printer” (laser, inkjet or other) of what is displayed on the monitor.

A word after a particularly bad session when things go wrong in “cyberspace”, we understand quite easily … “Quit” or “Quit” or “Escape”, while another word is “Save” ( And we also understand the mental anguish when not doing this and what you did is erased and you have to do it again unless you can “come back” to what you just did, which is possible.) temptation to hit the computer monitor is an experience that we all go by taking advantage of the attributes of a computer system and the help it brings us.

And “help” is the attribute that the computer has created for us. When I started in printing, all types were made of individual metal parts to form printed articles on a press. Today, if there was an error in this column, for example, it would probably take an hour to complete the fix – something that takes a few seconds with current computers.


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